Founder & Chairman of Growth Advisory, LLC, a boutique consulting firm based in the US and works with the Board of Directors and the Senior Management Teams to help implement high growth strategies with speed and certainty using the proprietary Strategy Deployment Process developed by him more than two decades ago and implemented at dozens of small and large corporations globally.  He co-founded TBM Consulting Group, Inc. in 1991 and has served as its president & CEO since the beginning and until his retirement in 2014. In this capacity he has worked with some of the leading international businesses helping them achieve two to three times faster growth than their industry in top and bottom line by adopting Operational Excellence and Strategy Deployment. This process engages and motivates all the stakeholders to achieve extraordinary results. Anand is author of The Perfect Engine: How to Win in the New Demand Economy by Building to Order With Fewer Resources (Free Press, 2001), and co-author of The Antidote: How to Transform your business for Extreme Challenges of the 21st Century (Managing Times Press 2006). He was named a Hero of U.S. Manufacturing in 2001 by Fortune magazine and was awarded the 2002 Donald Burnham Manufacturing Management Award by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers. Anand serves on the Board of Vermeer Corporation based in Pella, IA, USA; He is member of the Supervisory Board of WIKA Alexander Wiegand SE & Co. KG based in Germany; Serves on the Board of Visitors at The Duke Medical System in Durham, North Carolina and the Board of Global Network Foundation (GNF) based in Atlanta GA, USA.  In 2013 he launched a non-profit organization, South East Asia Leadership Academy (SEALA), as the Founding Board Member and is one of the faculty members at its annual Leadership Academy Boot-Camps. SEALA helps develop high potential, mid-career leaders from business and civil society in the 9 countries in the South and Southeast Asia. He has also facilitated and taught at SEALA’s sister network, Middle East Leadership Academy (MELA), for many years. He has a Masters degree in Business Administration from Boston University and BS in Mechanical Engineering from Roorkree University in India. His education also includes Advanced Management studies at The Wharton School of Management plus attending many of the management seminars and workshops conducted by some of the leading thinkers of our time.

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