Ghareb Al-Mahmoud

Assistant Manager for Qatarization & Leadership Development at Qatar Petroleum. He is responsible for the learning and development of Qatari nationals and for leadership development across QP. He leads a multinational team of over 40 leadership and development specialists. Ghareb’s original degree was in chemical engineering from university of Ottawa, Canada. He joined QP in Gas Operations in 2007. Since that time, Ghareb has worked in a number of positions including operations, production planning, and technical support. In 2012 he was appointed as the Assistant Manager for Technical Support in the NGL complex in Messaied.  However, a major turning point in his career came after he worked on a major organization transformation project with multidisciplinary teams. In 2015 he took up his current role in Human Capital and has been on a steep learning curve.  A good day for Ghareb is one where he inspire others or provoke their reflection.

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