Heather Parillo
Chief People Officer, Bone Daddy's House of Smoke

Ms. Parillo initially discovered this passion through her work as a personal trainer and fitness instructor. Teaching and coaching others to transform their health, the most fundamental aspect of our lives, sparked her commitment to coach others for extraordinary results in other aspects of their lives - work & relationships. Heather is known as someone who understands what is important to her clients, identifies the gaps in their current reality and their desired results, uncovers the systems, structures, and practices necessary to fill the gaps, and leaves them inspired and empowered to take action.

Ms. Parillo’s current position with a restaurant company in Texas has required her to expand her coaching capacities. She is accountable for the People & Culture of the company. As the Chief People Officer of Bone Daddy’s House of Smoke and Good Union Urban BBQ, Ms. Parillo is responsible for the onboarding of all management, development and implementation of training materials and programs for all employees, culture workshops, people development, leadership courses, and the management of all employee and guest relations. Heather designs and leads courses that enable her teams to create a culture that is consistent with the stated values and commitments of the company, coaches a team of over 50 managers in achieving results and the effective exercise of leadership, and provides support to over 700 employees. Inspired by the results that are possible for individuals, teams and companies when people are moved to take actions consistent with their values, Ms. Parillo is driven to pursue her purpose and her life's work by providing coaching and leaderships programs for others across the world. 

Ms. Parillo was born and raised in California. She attended Boston College where she received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Political Science and International Relations. In her junior year, she was awarded an academic scholarship from the Secretary of Defense to study the full year abroad in Tokyo, Japan. While attending Sophia University, she studied under professors that were key political players from around the world. That experience defined and expanded her vision and fueled her pursuit to make a difference on a much larger scale.

Passionate about service, Ms. Parillo has served on the Board for The African Hope Network and is a mentor for the clients of Dress for Success and the Professional Women’s Group in Dallas. Both organizations strive to empower people by providing a vast array of tools, training and support in areas that make the biggest difference in their lives and their communities.

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