Jaafar Al-Sarraf

Holds a BBA from Saint Louis University (USA) and an MBA from the American University in Dubai. Then, he joined the Executive Trainee Program (ETP) at HSBC Bank in Qatar in 2007, part of which was spent at HSBC Group Management Academy in London working with colleagues from 35 countries, and he presented a business project to the former HSBC Group Chairman, Baron Green of Hurstpierpoint, currently the Minister of State for Trade and Investment in UK.  Then Jaafar was appointed as Manager, HSBC Amanah (the Islamic banking arm of HSBC) and opened the first standalone HSBC Amanah branch in the Middle East, which was inaugurated by Qatar Central Bank Governor and HSBC Group Chief Executive in 2010. Since then, he has witnessed further achievements that led him to where he is today as Treasury & Investment Head at WOQOD (Qatar Fuel), which is listed at Qatar Stock Exchange. Jaafar is very interested in personal development as he has volunteered for many years to deliver business programs for high school and college students under the umbrella of the non-for-profit organization of Injaz Qatar. Professionally, he has participated in developing the online learning program at HSBC and delivering bite-size training sessions at Commercial Bank. Jaafar partnered with friends to establish a short-lived training center focusing on personal development during which he completed the AACSB Academic Bridge Program at Georgetown University as well as completing the Consulting Skills and Master Trainer Programs at the Association for Talent Development (ATD).

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