Meri Nikoghosyan
Executive Director, VISTAA Consulting

Meri Nikoghosyan, CELA 10 (2013), employed as the Executive Director of VISTAA Consulting since 2005, based in Yerevan, Armenia. The company is one of the most famous BSPs of the country specialized in agriculture, environment, adult education and M&E. The range of partner organizations is varying from international donor, government to local private sector companies, foundations and NGOs. During the years of her directorship the company has been distinguished in terms of programmatic achievements and financial performance. VISTAA has been selected as one of the ten Ruban d’Honneur recipients in “The 2010 European Business Awards” which is taking place every year in Paris, France. 
Ms Nikoghosyan holds Master’s degree in Political Science from the American University of Armenia. Her first major is in Sociology from the Yerevan State University.
From December 2015 she is CELA Armenia Director.
Her hobbies are playing tennis, traveling, reading books and watching movies.

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