Mr. Michael Kouly
Board Member

President of the Cambridge Institute for Global Leadership; formerly Executive Board Member of Reuters Continental Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Michael Kouly is the President of the Cambridge Institute for Global Leadership (CIGL), a leadership think-tank and advisory body that grew out of the studies and research of its founders at Harvard and Princeton universities. The purpose of CIGL is to generate knowledge on the subject of leadership and to actively enhance the leadership capacity of people and organizations worldwide. Michael is also World Bank Fellow, a senior international executive, writer, journalist and scholar who has studied and researched Global Leadership at several universities. He has spoken on Leadership, Authority, Strategy and Policy-Making matters to thousands of top business, government, education and NGO executives in dozens of countries, stretching from the United States to Asia. His practical field knowledge comes from a 16-year international career with Reuters where he worked in 22 countries managing and leading people from 47 nationalities. His last responsibilities were Managing Director of Reuters Middle East Ltd. and executive board member of Reuters Continental Europe, Middle East and Africa.

He studied, with the world renowned Prof. Michael Porter of the Harvard Business School, the subjects of Strategy and Microeconomics of Competitiveness, and with Prof. Ronald Heifetz the subject of Leadership. While at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, Michael also served as a Teaching Fellow on leadership across cultures where he took part in the leadership education of senior business executives, scholars, government officials and diplomats. Michael is a World Bank Fellow, a Robert McNamara Fellow at Princeton University, a Mason Fellow at Harvard University, a Fellow at the Munk Centre for International Studies at University of Toronto and a Research Fellow at Maastricht University.

  • Harvard University - Master in Public Administration - Leadership (MPA)
  • Harvard University - Management and Public Policy (MPP)
  • Princeton University - Master in Public Policy (MPP)
  • Maastricht University - PhD Research Fellow - Leadership and Governance
  • University of Michigan, Ann Arbor - Executive Program on Leadership
  • American University of Beirut - Bachelor of Business Administration
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