Patti Wilkie Proietti

Patti Wilkie is a senior manager with Deloitte and has over 13 years of global mobility consulting experience which includes global mobility policy & process design, large scale ERP implementations, and global mobility strategy. Currently, Ms. Wilkie leads the global mobility practice for the Mid-America Southeast region of Deloitte.


Ms. Wilkie has worked across multiple industries including oil & gas, media, pharmaceuticals, and consumer projects serving both large and small scale clients.  Her experience spans HR outsourcing and ERP implementations, global mobility technology transformation including process redesign and system implementation, and designing mobility strategy to align with broader talent objectives.


Ms. Wilkie has a breadth of international experience which includes spending three years on an international assignment in the UK where she worked with many European organizations to transform their global assignment program. 


Ms. Wilkie speaks at industry conferences and roundtables on the role of mobility in an organization.  Prior to joining Deloitte, she worked in HR for a large oil and gas company where she was a PeopleSoft analyst. Ms. Wilkie holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Florida State University.  She is a member of SHRM and is GPHR certified.  Ms. Wilkie enjoys traveling, playing tennis, running, and entertaining family and friends with her husband, Massimiliano.

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