Philip B. Smith

Phil Smith retired in 2003 after 30 years in the oil and gas exploration and production industry. During his career, he worked with a variety of independent oil and gas companies. His last position was the CEO of Prize Energy Company, a company he co-founded in 1999 with Natural Gas Partners.  


Mr. Smith is a private investor and currently serves on the board of several for-profit and non-profit organizations. He focuses on two of them: a world-wide internet broadcast organization and a for-profit gaming company that is creating video games with ethical and educational content.


Mr. Smith's education includes a bachelor’s of science in mechanical engineering from Oklahoma State University and a master’s of business administration from the University of Tulsa. He has co-written two books on microfinance, "A Billion Bootstraps" and "The Poor Will Be Glad."  He lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma with his wife, Shannon, who is a professional chef.  His hobbies are golf, reading, writing, non-profit activities, travel, and starting new companies.

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