Sami Ammous is a contact center Solutions Sales Specialist at Avaya, based in Dubai. Mr. Ammous has been at Avaya, a multinational provider of unified communications and contact center solutions, for 8 years. In his latest role, Mr. Ammous plays the translator between the technical and business aspects of Avaya’s solutions, allowing customers to understand how these solutions will help them. His job takes him all over the Middle East, Africa, Turkey, and recently, India and Pakistan. This exposure to several cultures and business practices taught Mr. Ammous flexibility and tolerance of differing points of view. Earlier in his career, he served as Technical Manager at the telecommunications company Artelco in Jordan. He attended MELA 3 and serves on the MELA Board of Directors.

Mr. Ammous graduated from the University of Jordan in electrical engineering after studying at the Jubilee School in Amman. He has been active in the international Seeds of Peace program for young potential leaders (14 to 16 years old) from areas of conflict. Mr. Ammous enjoys traveling, eating new foods and is a certified Body Combat and Body Pump instructor.

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