Talal Hajjar
Deputy General Manager, Al- Hayat Building Materials Company

Talal Hajjar was born in KSA having a Syrian nationality, studied school in KSA then moved to UAE for university. He studied Business Administration major in Management and Marketing. He proceeded to work in KSA after a while of graduation and successfully achieved his position as Deputy General Manager. This title didn’t stop him from aiming, yet still pursued his Masters and PhD in Business Marketing. His pursuit for knowledge inspired him to undergo specialized trainings, seminars and advanced studies. He is always determined to reach the top.

He loves horseback riding, basketball, sailing, scuba diving (then eventually became a diving instructor) and other extreme sports. He is a friend of nature, adventurous, cheerful, friendly and loving. 

He loves his pets -- dogs, cats and chameleons. He has always been an animal lover since he was a child. 

He believes that travelling is a wonderful way to experience life so he makes sure to travel to different destinations each year.

He is a caring person specially about the community he is living in. He founded, with the help of his friends, and managed a charity institution called “What the eyes can’t see” for 6 consecutive years.

He frequently meditates as a means to be free from stress and emotional upsets.  He believes that the meditation makes him travel into a different dimension, helping him take the right decisions about life. This makes him more able to control his anger and impatience.  It also makes him control his energy towards positivity.

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