Umidjon Ishmukhamedov

Umidjon was born on April 8, 1984 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. He was the only son with my three sisters in his family. He went to school in 1991 when Uzbekistan became Independent from Soviet Union. During his study at school, he participated in different sports-table tennis and football along with educational competition such as mathematics and geometry, where he obtained first place in Mathematics in his District during 1999. After graduating school with honors, Umidjon was admitted to Tashkent Finance Institute (TFI) in 2001 with the target of obtaining education in Accounting major. One of the main reasons of studying Accounting was to work for big4-Audit Company after graduation in order to obtain experience. During his studies at TFI, he applied US Universities and obtained 65% scholarships from Emory University and almost 100% from Georgia State University (GSU). He chose GSU and transferred from TFI to GSU in 2004 to continue my accounting major.  After graduating from GSU with BBA degree in 2007, he started working for a local audit firm in Atlanta for one year with the target of passing Certified Public Accounting exams. In 2008, Umidjon came back to his home country and started to work for PwC audit firm. Working 5 years for multinational audit firm allowed him to meet with top business officials at different multinational companies such as, Lukoil, Ucell, Indorama and etc and be an expert in audit. Umidjon always tried to learn new skills and new challenges while working in audit firm.  In 2013, he came up with new business opportunity that encouraged him to start his own business. The idea was to automatization of reports on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) at 10 top banks’ system in Uzbekistan. This project lead him and opened ways to other business opportunities. Beginning of 2014, Umidjon opened his second business, Aroma Air LLC where it became exclusive dealer of US company-Scent Air. He has put talented management and provided them many training that he obtained from multinational companies. After successful running this business, he have started other chemical trade business with the intention to build my corporation in near future.  Umidjon got married in 2008 and has 2 daughters. He obtained his Certified Public Accounting (CPA) license in Georgia in 2012.

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