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A non-profit leadership development network, accelerating personal and professional growth and decision-making across 14 Arab countries.. Mela was established by a group of committed Arab and American business executives who identified the critical need for the establishment of a community of interconnected, high-potential Middle Eastern business leaders.

Today, this non-profit leadership development network, established in 2010, accelerates personal and professional growth and decision-making across 14 Arab countries, fostering responsible and ethical leadership best practices.

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MELA is part of a global network that has grown rapidly over the past 35 years and continues to expand.






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Community Portal Launch

Community Portal is a Mela business platform launched, the community Portal facilitates access to members’ contact details and creates business collaboration as well as recruitment possibilities amongst the Mela community

Mela Manual Launch

Mela manual is created by members for members with the goal to give an overall description, guidance, and relevant information regarding Mela Code of Conduct, Mela Members, Board of Directors, Mela Chapters …etc, to serve the network and its members.

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Experience the impact of Mela 12 through the eyes of one of its facilitators @ayesha.shaukatullah.awan - Network Manager at @sealanetwork South East Asia Leadership Academy sharing her thoughts on the event’s, high standards, and diverse representation of participants from multiple Arab countries. The value of such masterclass in bringing all these leaders from around the Arab world to help grow themselves and the Mela network , it’s positive impact on other sister networks from around the world.
#TheMiddleEastLeadershipAssociation #MELA #MELAMasterClass13 #ksa #oman #jordan #lebanon #egypt #syria #bahrain #kuwait #qatar #uae

Noura Shannak, a Mela 12 alumni - Jordan chapter is highlighting the integration of professional and personal development in the masterclass experience
As well as the huge value of networking the Mela network offers . It all exceeded her expectations and added a lot to her life.

#TheMiddleEastLeadershipAssociation #MELA #MELAMasterClass13 #ksa #oman #jordan #lebanon #egypt #syria #bahrain #kuwait #qatar #uae.

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