Foundation for Facilitation:  
  • Adults possess both knowledge and experience and hence, don’t need to be told what to do, as much as supported in identifying how to take action.
  • Adults are motivated by their personal goals, needs and expectations.
  • Adults have an inner desire to find meaning, grow and seek change.
  • Adults are most effective in an environment that emphasizes self-worth and dignity.
    Learning is facilitated in an atmosphere in which people are encouraged to trust themselves, to make mistakes and to try again.
  • Adults, who are helped to achieve their personal goals, experience a heightened sense of engagement and buy-in.
  • Adults are capable of making decisions, taking responsibility and assuming accountability.
  • The adult’s orientation to learning is chiefly related to application.  
Eligibility Criteria For Facilitators:
  • Must be fluent in English
  • Must have been a member of a network for at least one year after your initial Masterclass/academy graduation.
  • Must have a strong professional background: Having some training as a coach or facilitator can be helpful but real-world experience leading people is paramount.
  • Must commit to working long hours and attend all the plenary sessions and all the Leaning Group sessions and Facilitators’ meetings as required.
  • Undivided attention during plenary sessions and learning groups.
  • Willing to commit to the cost of travel, incidentals, and the time to work on a volunteer basis (all expenses for lodging, meals, local transportation, and Masterclass materials will be covered by Mela).
  • Must read carefully “The Foundation for Facilitation” to make sure that you qualify for facilitation.

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    ★ Please ensure you include full contact details for each reference, including their name, position, organization, email address, and phone number. These references should be able to attest to your facilitation skills and experience.

    I understand that the Mela 14 Masterclass is an intensive leadership development program that requires my full-time commitment as a facilitator for nearly TWO weeks, up to 12-14 hours a day in the service of the participants and their needs.

    I would like to extend my stay for Mela 13 Reunion coming soon in KSA , for Facilitators selected for Mela 14 Masterclass, only the second part of the reunion will be charged.

    If accepted to facilitate, are we authorized to use your photos and bio within our promotional materials?

    Do you need a visa to KSA?