Masterclass 14

May 3rd- May 13th,2024

The Mela Academy is a 10-day immersion in a demanding environment. It is a leadership bootcamp whose watchwords are purpose, authenticity, character, values. You will need all your skill to master the high refinements of leadership arts. But you will need all your courage to go deep in exploring your default reaction to authority – how manage the stress of handling systems – your true ability to work with power – before, as a leader, you can fulfill your potential and promise.

Mela is not all lectures and general theory. Plenary learning sessions alternate with breakout groups facilitated by experienced businesspeople, seasoned practitioners from around the world. Every idea is up for discussion; every lesson is tested against experience to prove its worth. Mela focuses on the real-life applications of leadership skills especially seen against the developing needs of Middle East today.

Each day of the program contains

The Masterclass Program is built on five pillars:

Each day of the program contains

Network Benefits


Contributing to the development of young business leaders and providing them a unique opportunity and lifetime membership in a leading Arab business-networking platform.


Providing positive impact on the MENA region’s business community and inspiring the next generation.


Meeting and networking with successful top business leaders and executives from around the globe.


Marketing and branding at every stage throughout the MELA event allow effective brand exposure and profile-raising to new regional and international markets