Inspires purpose, authenticity, character and values.
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mela masterclass

About the Masterclass

The Masterclass is an intensive 10-day immersion leadership program that inspires purpose, authenticity, character and values. Learning sessions alternate with breakout groups facilitated by experienced business people and seasoned practitioners from around the world. The Masterclass focuses on the real-life applications of leadership skills as well as a gateway to build a global profile.

For every Masterclass, approximately 40 upcoming leaders from business, education and civil society sectors are selected from all around the MENA region from: Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Yemen and Tunis. Candidates can apply online and go through the interview process that examines their outlook and commitment to their prospect.

Once the Masterclass is concluded, Mela members join a leadership network that offers the opportunity to learn, grow, and lead. The potential value is limitless and members are encouraged to seek out and take full advantage of membership privileges.

The Masterclass Experience

During the Masterclass, participants will experience hours of extensive breakout sessions where they will explore their leadership needs and find common interests in making a positive impact in their respective countries and communities. The exchanges within the Masterclass lead to a discovery of new ideas and long-lasting professional relationships. It is also an opportunity to engage with international business innovators, instructors, and public figures.

Experience the Masterclass

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The Masterclass Program is built on five pillars:

Masterclass five pillars

Each day of the program contains:

Global executives associated with the SIBF network lead the Masterclass sessions. These executives are outstanding business practitioners and organizational experts. The event is additionally supported by members of all the SIBF sister networks who volunteer to serve as facilitators and coaches. An impressive roster of Middle Eastern business leaders is also on hand during each Masterclass to mentor participants professionally in small group formats on specific business topics. Moreover, the discussion leaders do not just present a topic and depart; they remain throughout the program, providing participants with the opportunity to explore more deeply their experience and expertise.